• About us

      MT is a group of companies established in Bangladesh in 2008, carrying on the business of stock lot, manufacturing and exporting garments, Garments, Towel, leather products to western markets. . “MT”, which means infinite or unlimited in Bengali, embraces the spirit of global trade. The company is dedicated to excellence in merchandising, product development, production and logistics. We have earned a reputation throughout the global apparel industry as one of the foremost factories in Bangladesh for our commitment to quality, timely delivery and total value. export bd import.

    • Work Plan

      We have 3 cut to pack RMG production plants, 1 garments stock, manufacturing export plant, 2 IT, Computer, CCTV, Networking goods seals & setup plan and 3 Film Production, The 1 garments stock, manufacturing export plant have total production capacity over 2,30,000 pcs per month depending on the items and styling. Basically we are garment stock & manufacturer. We are proven and committed to achieve our clients’ business motto.

    • Home Care:

      * Obey expatriates home and keep them free of worry.
      * They worry-free stay in their home from abroad .
      * You're thinking about renting.

    • Our concerns are:

      • 2MM FILM & EVENT
      • Masum Electric & Electronics
      • MAC Transport Agency
      • Pure Land Property
      • MAC IT & Technology

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